Padding and Margin

Some pre-defined CSS classes you could for applying Padding and Margin where applicable.



Use CLASS padding-v-1 to apply:

    padding-top: 1rem;
    padding-bottom: 1rem;


Use CLASS padding-v-1-5 to apply:

    padding-top: 1.5rem;
    padding-bottom: 1.5rem;


Use CLASS padding-v-2 to apply:

    padding-top: 2rem;
    padding-bottom: 2rem;


Use CLASS padding-v-2-5 to apply:

    padding-top: 2.5rem;
    padding-bottom: 2.5rem;


Use CLASS padding-v-3 to apply:

    padding-top: 3rem;
    padding-bottom: 3rem;


Use CLASS padding-v-3-5 to apply:

    padding-top: 3.5rem;
    padding-bottom: 3.5rem;


Use CLASS padding-v-4 to apply:

    padding-top: 4rem;
    padding-bottom: 4rem;


Use CLASS padding-v-4-5 to apply:

    padding-top: 4.5rem;
    padding-bottom: 4.5rem;


Use CLASS padding-v-5 to apply:

    padding-top: 5rem;
    padding-bottom: 5rem;



Use CLASS margin-t-1 to apply:

    margin-top: 1rem;


Use CLASS margin-t-1-5 to apply:

    margin-top: 1.5rem;


Use CLASS margin-t-2 to apply:

    margin-top: 2rem;


Use CLASS margin-t-2-5 to apply:

    margin-top: 2.5rem;


Use CLASS margin-t-3 to apply:

    margin-top: 3rem;


Use CLASS margin-t-4 to apply:

    margin-top: 4rem;


Use CLASS margin-b-1 to apply:

    margin-bottom: 1rem;


Use CLASS margin-b-1-5 to apply:

    margin-bottom: 1.5rem;


Use CLASS margin-b-2 to apply:

    margin-bottom: 2rem;


Use CLASS margin-b-2-5 to apply:

    margin-bottom: 2.5rem;


Use CLASS margin-b-3 to apply:

    margin-bottom: 3rem;


Use CLASS margin-b-4 to apply:

    margin-bottom: 4rem;

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