Overview of features are available with this theme.

Gantry 5 Framework
Powered by the most featured, open source, actively developed, user friendly and powerful Gantry 5 Framework.
Layout Builder
Flexible and drag & drop layout builder for creating, editing and sizing widgets positions and blocks and updating global contents like Header, Navigation and Bottom without coding.
Menu Builder
Drag & drop dropdown menu builder supports multiple columns, menu icons, image, css classes, particles, widgets and more.
No Coding Required!
Update Header, Navigation, Main, Bottom, Footer and other contents anytime without coding with easy to use Particles, Atoms and Widgets.
Color Pickers
Create your own brand styles with dedicated color pickers for Body and Section wise background, text and others where applicable without coding.
Background Images
Choose background image and background image styles for Body and Sections with inbuilt Image Pickers.
Change colors with 1 click presets.
Search Engine Friendly Layout
The layout carefully created with search engine friendly guidelines.
WCAG Standard Colors
All colors on this theme was choosen by following Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG).
Responsive Layout
Responsive layout that adapts to the viewing device, such as desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.
Google Mobile Usability Standard Layout
Responsive layout for mobile devices carefully desinged by following Google Mobile Usability guidelines.
Unlimited Widget Positions
You can create unlimited widget positions for all pages or different dedicated positions for some special pages you need.
Customizable Typography
From line height to font sizes for body, H1-H6 and menu, you could update from Style at Admin panel without coding.
Customizable Block Variations
Enhance positions and particles with stylistic and structural block variations which fully custimozable with color pickers without coding.
Customizable Site Width
You could change your site’s content width, make a section full width or fixed width without coding.
Minimal Codes
No unnecessary JavaScript/jQuery plugin used. Most features carefully developed for minimizing scripts and styles as possible.
Support WooCommerce
Support all WooCommerce features and functionalities.
No WooCommerce core modified
No modification on WooCommerce core, so you could update WooCommerce whenever new version available without worry.
Dedicated Outlines
Create outlines as many as you need and assign them to Home page, Shop page, Post page or ever create custom landing page with dedicated Widgets positions, Styles and Settings.
Quickstart Installation Package
You will get Quickstart Installation Package by which installing you will get exact demo site, so you can get started by replacing your contents in no time.
Well Documented
Available easy to follow documentations for both Gantry 5 Framework and the theme.

Gantry 5 Core Features

Twig-based Templating
Gantry 5 uses the super-powerful Twig templating system to build your themes.
YAML-based Configuration
Easily configure Gantry 5 with simple-to-use YAML syntax.
Powerful Particles System
Particles are simple user interface blocks that hook seamlessly into Gantry 5.
Layout Manager
Easy-to-use drag-n-drop layout manager makes layouts a breeze to create.
Visual Menu Editor
Configure and structure your menu hierarchy with our new Menu editor.
Unlimited Undo/Redo
Made a mistake in the layout manager? No problem, you can easily undo it.
Sophisticated Built-in Fields
Icon Picker, Image Picker, Font Picker, Collections, and much, much more!.
Styles Editor
Dedicated styles manager for every outline to change colors and settings without coding.
Dynamic compilation of multiple CSS preprocessors is supported in Gantry 5.

System Requirements

Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge.
Server Requirements
PHP 7.1+ with Curl, OpenSSL Libraries and Multibyte String Support.
Joomla 3.9, WordPress 5.x, Grav 1.6+.
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